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Add Twitter To Your Law Firm Marketing Mix

Here's a quick pointer to my article on Amy Campbell's Law Firm Marketing Blog regarding using Twitter as an integral part of your marketing mix. In Making the Case for a Firm-Branded Twitter Presence, 5 of the top reasons to consider embracing Twitter to protect and promote your law firm brand are:
1. Protect your brand. The most important reason to start a Twitter account is to claim your name — so that you own it, not someone else.
2. People are listening. Among the folks that follow Twitter are journalists scouring the site for trends and story ideas for their next pitch meeting.
3. Search engines eat it up. When set up properly, your firm’s Twitter account can contribute to your SEO efforts.
4. The best way to learn it is to do it. Starting a firm-branded Twitter presence is a safe and easy way to start. It is an excellent way for you and your marketing staff to lead by example and to become better able to help your professionals embark on their own Twitter exercises.
5. Build your Twitter infrastructure and network now, for when you need it later.
Read the full article and expanded explanation of benefits here: Twitter for law firms.

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