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Andrew C. Meyer, Jr. on Social Value of Med Mal

Today's Boston Globe article on the settlement between and family and Boston hospital regarding a wrongful death lawsuit has an interesting quote by Andrew C. Meyer, Jr. attorney for the plaintiff.
“The settlement was a recognition of the kind of mistakes that happen all too often in our hospitals. “It’s gratifying to see that the family was able to receive exposure for this horrific event — and not to sweep it under the rug — to ensure that policies are changed so that this will not happen again.’’ — Andrew C. Meyer, Jr.

In all the debate over health care reform and limiting medical malpractice awards, this is part of the argument that should not be lost.

The Globe report also states:
"The state Department of Public Health investigated the case in November 2007, determining that the fall led to O’Donnell’s death, and cited deficiencies in procedure. The hospital’s own analysis found that the operating room staff was busy or preoccupied and that the safety belt’s removal was not verbally communicated..."

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