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Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Lubin & Meyer, PC - Boston, Massachusetts

Improvements to the web site for the highly regarded law firm Lubin & Meyer, PC, specializing in personal injury and medical malpractice cases (attorneys admitted in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island), have been implemented. Most noteably, making the site more accessible to search engine spiders through the home page. We'll be tracking the success of the changes here.

Massachusetts Hospitals: What Does the Future Hold?

The Healthcare Management Association of Massachusetts has posted the agenda and registration materials for it's forum in collaboration with the Massachusetts Hospital Association for January 16, 2004. The program, Massachusetts Hospitals: What Does the Future Hold?, will provide a venue for professionals across the spectrum of health care management to discuss how health care delivery institutions will be shaped in the future. What are the trends and transformations that await us in the coming years? How are we going to merge technology, management, and medicine into a workable and economically feasible combination? What are the barriers that we shall certainly encounter, and how can we overcome them?


Google Lubin & Meyer, PC

This headline is both a wish and a topic. Getting Google to spider a web site can be a frustrating waiting game. For instance, changes made to Boston law firm Lubin & Meyer, PC's web site at http://www.lubinandmeyer.com include adding text links, interlinking, title tags, metatags, site map, etc.

While Google has spidered some of the pages (as evidenced by title tags showing up as the search result link for some of the pages ) many still have not reflected recent changes. An example of a page that has been linked:

Try Googling "Boston's best lawyer personal injury" and you get:
"Boston's Best" Lawyers - Andrew Meyer Jr - Personal Injury" (reflecting the new title tag)

Try Googling "Boston's best lawyer" and you get:
"Lubin & Meyer" (which does not reflect the new metatags)

Actually, here's a better way to see what Google knows about your site. Google search it. Use Google's ability to search any site by using this search syntax in the search box:

meyer site:www.lubinandmeyer.com. Click on this link and you'll see it currently returns 40 results, and only 9 that reflect updated title tags.

Certainly, it takes time, and referring links can help make this happen. Thus this post. Also, soon more home page text and contextually relevant hyperlinks from the homepage will aid in this process as we try to empower relevant keywords such as "medical malpractice" "verdicts" "settlements" for not only Massachusetts, but also for New Hampshire and Rhode Island.



GCG's Government & Regulatory Review - October 2003 Issue

Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell's e-newsletter, Government & Regulatory Review, has been published for October. Even though it has an RSS feed, I thought I'd give it an extra push here on big needle.