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Pay-per-click Class

I am enrolled to take a full day class on Google Adwords pay-per-click in Boston and will report back here on the most startling revelations. Personally, I think Google Adwords is an overly complex and hard-to-navigate system with too many variables and too much mystery of the quality of clicks. I'm hoping to learn something valuable from it all that will change my mind. Recently, I have been exploring and experimenting with Google Adword campaigns and find it to be expensive. I prefer working for success in organic search results with tried and true, white hat optimizatioLinkn techniques. Nothing beats hot, fresh, steamy content that is timely and relevant. Quality information that serves humans is the best food for search engines. That's been my experience with professional services web sites... Everything from topics such as greenhouse gas trading, employment and immigration, legislative histories, consumer law, medical malpractice lawyer, etc. I'm getting more and more inquiries from businesses and law firm in Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), Rhode Island (RI) and Maine (ME) and beyond, where clients are more aware about SEO but not always willing to pay for it. Google Adwords is still not well understood by mainstream public.


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